Transparency – The Right Stuff

I believe in it — transparency.  I believe that it should be the cornerstone in any leader’s foundation.  Transparency leads to consistency which leads to increasing trust from those in your organization.  And to be an effective leader one needs to have the trust of those whom they hope to lead.

Leaders who are not transparent aren’t the kind of people we should be following.  We can all probably think of people in leadership positions who change their words and actions depending on who they are speaking with at any particular moment.  You never really know what they believe and as a result you lose faith in them, trust in them and belief in them to work with you to move an agenda forward.  You likely give up at some point and strike out on your own with feelings of disillusionment and frustration.  Continue reading

The Great BC Education Change

risk taking 3

Public schools have been around since the mid 1800’s in our province.   They have been a critical part of our societal fabric for a very long time.  We knew that a strong public education system was critical to the health and success of our province.  I found out some time ago with intrigue that Saanich was actually one of the first established school districts in the province. How cool is that?  We were a trend setter here on the peninsula!

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Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving


Empathy 4

If you’re a parent you’ve probably done it dozens of times — telling your child to say “Thank-you” when someone has done something nice for them.  We do it because it teaches our child to be polite and appreciative towards others.  As parents, we want our children to understand the importance of being grateful.

But, is there more to showing gratitude ?  Are there other benefits to understanding and expressing gratitude towards others?  Our BC Curriculum includes it as an important learning objective, and some relatively new research even points to other potential benefits.

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