The Escape Room

I participated in my first Escape Room a little while ago at the suggestion of my son and daughter.   Our family made the reservation, piled into the car and headed off to an afternoon of problem solving.  I was intrigued by the concept of solving a mystery using team work and a series of successive clues to make our way out of a locked room.

escaping dog

We Use What We Know To Solve a Problem

Of course when we got there, my son immediately told the clerk that we wanted the most difficult room available.  “Nice”, I thought.  “I’ll be locked in here for hours! So much for my self-esteem.”

There were 5 of us who squeezed into a room no larger than 10′ x 8′ … and I have to say … it was a ton of fun.  Yes, we were stumped occasionally, and when we finally made it out of the room, we found ourselves in another locked room with even more clues to steer us to our eventual escape.  We actually needed a bit of help from the Escape Room employee on two occasions, but our shared knowledge and problem-solving skills enabled us to eventually find our way out.

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Perspective is Everything!

We all have an internal voice — that messenger who continually talks to us and us alone.  Mine tends to come around when I need to process stuff — when I’m trying to think about an appropriate pathway forward.  However, it does occasionally speak up like this:

“If people would just see things my way, I’m pretty sure things would move along much more quickly.  I’m a rational person, a calm person … someone who has a bunch of common sense. 

Come on people … focus!”

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