I’m Positive About Being Positive

I think I’m a fairly positive person.

I tend to stay relatively calm even when the seas are choppy. I try to look for the learning in a situation rather than creating a complaint when things don’t go well. I look for reasons when I see someone’s behaviour that is rude or negative. I try not to jump to conclusions by assigning intent when I really don’t know.

Babies are Positive When it Fits – Adults can Make a Choice

But, by no means am I perfect. I’m quite imperfect actually.

I have my moments of frustration and if you hang out around me often enough you will see me get a tad ‘grumpy’ every now and then. I get like this when when I’m especially tired or overwhelmed — or when everything around me seems to be an overly dramatic soap-opera.

Being positive is often a choice. So, I work to choose positivity whenever I can. I think better. I respond better. I know I make better decisions.

But, can one’s positive mindset actually make a difference in other areas?

  • Physiologically?
  • Emotionally?

Research seems to think so. We’ve all heard of the placebo effect and how someone with a positive mindset about a drug or therapy can help overcome a physical ailment of some kind. And while it might seem obvious, I went looking for some evidence to see if there is any link between a positive attitude and a better educational experience.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Positive About Being Positive

  1. Dave,
    I can fully attest to your self-reflection as a mainly positive calm person that can get a tad grump at times. 😉 I think that tad grump part actually is important simply to showcase your humanity. I know positivity has often been preceded with “toxic” and I understand what that refers to and why some people reject positivity as the desired mindset. But as you’ve modelled and many other of my favourite leaders model, is not an ignoring of problems, challenges or inequities but facing them with optimism and empathy with a constant desire to improve. In today’s world, hope is really important and in fact is different than optimism. See: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/09/hope-optimism-happiness/620164/
    Once again, thank you for your leadership. (FYI, if you ever want to use a cute baby image in a post, let me know, I’ve got lots and you can use them free of charge)


    • Hi Dean, Thank you for your kind words and your reminder about the importance of optimism and empathy. I completely agree with yoiu that being positive is not the same as being naïve about the world around us — it’s about tackling those problems with optimism and empathy. Hoping our paths cross in person one day soon.


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