How Playing Can Build Strong Mental Health

“Skills can be developed through play.”

One guess.  Where is this quote from?  It’s not from a playground company, sportswear company or even a community rec centre.

If you guessed BC’s revised curriculum you’d be correct!

It’s a critical pillar of the learning paradigm for primary students within our current BC Curriculum.  Play is recognized as a critical mode of learning for developing key skills — things like problem solving, collaboration, listening, teamwork, empathy and understanding.  These things are essential if we’re hoping to help build our children’s opportunities for success as they enter into an increasingly complex world of inter-relationships.

children playing 2

Playing = Learning

The importance of play in positive mental health can also not be overstated.

Let me explain …

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Do These Glasses Make Me Look Smart?

book smartWe’ve all probably heard the conversation about being ‘book smart or ‘street smart’, heard others talk about someone ‘having a sixth sense’ or being a ‘people person’.

As a society, we often find ourselves describing people in terms of their strengths or ‘intelligences’.

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