Artificial Intelligence Is Here – Time to Buckle up!

Fair warning — this blog is a little long, especially with the embedded videos.  You don’t need to actually watch the videos to understand the content, but they really do help to bring the information home.   I suggest setting aside about 10-15 minutes for this blog.  It’s long because I find this topic extremely fascinating.  You’ve been warned!

Artificial intelligence 3I entered the incredible world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a recent educational leadership event.  I heard from and interacted with a number of highly respected researchers, thinkers, and leaders in the world of AI.  It was a truly exhilarating learning experience.

As part of the presentation, the history of computers, the Web 1.0 and 2.0, AI and a number of other computer-centric advances were graphed for us as a function of their capabilities over time.

As you can see from the graph below, the capability of individual PCs and mainframe computers are well past their prime.  However, the relatively recent presence of smart machines, analytics and big data have been gaining in strength, but are now slowly starting to level off.  Look at the purple AI line.  It’s becoming vertical — more so every year.  AI is literally exploding into our world unlike any other computer-based technology — EVER!Computers AI History graph

At times, I felt uncomfortable hearing about AI and it’s influence on our world, but I was also excited at the possibilities that lie ahead.

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Ed Tech – Like the Weather, It Changes Constantly

With so many changes happening in educational technology, it’s particularly easy to get lost in all of the hype and hyperbole.  New technology in education really isn’t the goal — instead, technology should be the tool or innovation we might use to more fully achieve the learning potential of our students — increasing their engagement and personal empowerment.


Cool But Kind of Useless

Let’s be clear — some technology is just plain useless.  We need to be ever vigilant to not head down the rabbit hole of “shiny and new is always better”.  The tech needs to make sense.  It needs to make learning better, not just flashier.

I’m not an expert on ‘everything tech’ — probably never will be.  But, you don’t have to be an expert in technology to ask some of the important questions:

What does this technology ENABLE that wasn’t possible without it?

Does it truly INNOVATE the learning or just replace something that is ‘less-techy’?

Can it provide greater ACCESS for some students that wasn’t possible before the tech?

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Intelligent People Go to Bed Late

Oh, Oh — That Doesn’t Play Out Well For Me

The “science article” I just finished reading was making this claim about intelligence as part of its attention grabbing title.  So, I suppose that now means I have a new personal goal for 2018.   My new focus for professional growth is to stay awake for 2-3 more hours every night.  I’m thinking this simple change in my bedtime should boost my IQ score by at least 20-30 points. Continue reading

The White Road Property & Community Engagement

A triangle is the ONLY two dimensional polygon that cannot collapse or bend — it is surprisingly strong for its simple shape.  That’s its beauty —  all 3 sides work together to find strength.  A square – -a shape with just one more side — doesn’t have this strength. It will easily bend or collapse.


A Triangle Easily Resists an Applied Force, but a Square Folds Like a Cheap Tent

The triangle is well known to engineers who use it ubiquitously in our world because of its elegance and surprising strength.  You can’t walk down the street without seeing triangles just about everywhere.

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