Why Blog Now?

I am new to blogging — although, if I’m being completely honest, I have been thinking of actually writing a blog about my musings on teaching, learning and leadership for some time now — I believe that it’s been about 12 years give or take 3 or 4.  And, no, I actually do tend to move more quickly on most things that I want to do.   I really prefer to dive into something, work through a process and come out at a place of completion. Continue reading

The Power of WHY – My Very First Blog Post

Before I dive headfirst into the blogosphere for the first time, I felt it was important to explain WHY I’m using the word WHY so prominently in my blog. When I settled on the title, it admittedly raised some eyebrows.  The handful of people I told had that “He’s not thinking clearly” look on their face.  I think the following reasons might best describe how this small yet powerful word (WHY) has come to shape my daily interactions with others: Continue reading