The Left-Handed Advantage

Being a southpaw, I loved writing this particular post. I had a smile on my face the entire time, so be warned — I’m riding a wave of superiority at the moment.

As great as left-handed people are — we have suffered in silence for a very long time. While we make up about 10% of the general population the world has been constructed for ‘righties’. We have had a rough ride:

I despised these desks in university
  • Scissors — Just try using your left hand. Go ahead and try — I dare you;
  • Door knobs — made to turn to the right which is physiologically easier for righties;
  • Automobile manual transmission gear shifts — unless you’re in England, Australia or a small number of other places;
  • 3-Ring Binders — impossible for lefties to write on the right side of the rings where most lined paper is designed because our wrist is actually hooked when we write;
  • Ball-point pens — don’t work well for lefties because we push the pen rather than pull it;
  • Computer keyboard number pad — always on the right side;
  • University theatre desks (see above) – arrgh!
  • Can openers – arrgh again!

8 thoughts on “The Left-Handed Advantage

  1. As a forcibly converted leftie, I find life really interesting. Many things, I can do with either hand, depending on convenience, some things I can’t coordinate well with either hand and some things are very specifically one hand or the other. ps. good to see you this morning.


  2. I concur! When I was about 16, my lefty mother and I got to participate in a university study that looked at language functions in leftys’ brains to determine possible advantages after a stroke – possibly part of the same one you referred to. Also, coming from a long line of proud lefties (we outnumber the righties in my immediate family by 6-2), I’m glad to hear Chewbacca’s bats for our team!


    • I read the Chewbacca thing some where, but can’t remember the exact location — doesn’t really matter as I wanted him on our team anyways. Three of 4 of us in my own immediate family are all lefties as well. 🙂


  3. Hey Dave. This post is great. As a “rightie” I never realized until now how much discrimination you’ve faced and how truly amazing you aren’t overcoming the “right normative” world. Lol


  4. Similar to many of challenges people with physical disabilities face every day. As with “lefties,” being forced to adapt to tools that are not designed for them, people with disabilities face a myriad of challenges in the built environment, even in new construction built “to code.” It is a burden that nearly 1 in 5 of Canadians face every day.

    Thank you for sharing. To many it may seem trivial, but it can have a significant impact on many people. The more we communicate and educate on these issues, the better understanding we have on their impact on everyone in our community,and the better we can design so that “accommodations” are not needed.


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