The White Road Property & Community Engagement

A triangle is the ONLY two dimensional polygon that cannot collapse or bend — it is surprisingly strong for its simple shape.  That’s its beauty —  all 3 sides work together to find strength.  A square – -a shape with just one more side — doesn’t have this strength. It will easily bend or collapse.


A Triangle Easily Resists an Applied Force, but a Square Folds Like a Cheap Tent

The triangle is well known to engineers who use it ubiquitously in our world because of its elegance and surprising strength.  You can’t walk down the street without seeing triangles just about everywhere.

Public Education Triangles

You will likely see this important 3-sided structure in future blogs as its symbolism plays an important role in public education.  For today,  I’d like to speak to the importance of how Community Engagement is an essential part of our District Success triangle:

parents community district

School District Success


Community Engagement

How do we continue to build upon our successes in our school district?  An important component in ensuring that we have appropriate opportunities for community involvement and voice.  I actually think we do a pretty good job of integrating the community into our schools already.  Here are a few examples of some really successful community partnerships:

Another critical aspect part of our school district success is when we actively engage our community in various consultations —  budget planning immediately comes to mind.  Another great example is unused land in our possession.

The White Road Property – A Current Community Consultation


Here in Saanich we have been actively working with our community around the future of the White Road Property in Central Saanich.  Our website has a page devoted to this property which is located on the NW corner of White Road and Veyaness Road .  It is too small to be considered a school site (1.73 acres) and not really in an area where we need another school.  As we engage with the community on its future we are asking the question:

What should the Board of Education do with the White Road property so that the wishes of the original donor are respected and the educational needs of our students and community are best served?

Our district is planning another public consultation meeting on Wed Feb 21st (7-9 pm) at Bayside Middle School.  Our hope is that this next conversation around this relatively small piece of land will include voices from throughout our entire district.  I hope that  you might consider coming out to share your thoughts.


A Variety of Voices is Critical During Consultation

Our District Success Triangle includes the critical corner of Community Engagement.

Maintaining this triangle’s strength requires ensuring  that the public voice is part of the process.  I hope to see you and hear from you at Bayside Middle School on Feb 21st.


2 thoughts on “The White Road Property & Community Engagement

  1. Hi Dave, I hope I can make it to the meeting on Feb 21 at Bayside. It sounds like it will be an interesting discussion re: the future of the White Road property and how the community can be involved in its future plans. Thank you for letting us know about the opportunity to be involved in the discussion.


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