Mondays are Better Than Thursdays — Who Knew?

And then one day — sometime in my 20s — the light went on

Living in the Moment – Don’t Wish Your Life Away

Living for only 2/7 of my life was a colossal waste. Life was short, time was precious and I needed to be living in the moment — looking forward to new revelations each and every day.

Sure, the Monday morning alarm clock seemed a bit louder and earlier than the other days of the week. But when I re-framed Mondays as the day of the week to begin anew — to correct a mistake from last week — tackle a project that’s been waiting for the right moment — Mondays became another great day.

Something that I hadn’t expected also happened to me. When I began to look at each day as an opportunity for something great to happen, I actually started to feel more optimistic about a bunch of things. Changing my mindset improved my overall mood … my outlook … my open-mindedness. I became more solution focused and found myself complaining less. Suddenly each day was a gift — a new page in my life that needed to be relished and appreciated.

Look … bad things happen to all of us. But, I found that if I had the right mindset each day was also a gift … an opportunity to take something from this moment of anxiety or stress. Where was my learning? How could I turn the stressful situation into an area of personal growth?

When I took this approach many of the little annoyances that might have easily ruined my day just didn’t seem to matter as much any more.

Some recent personal examples:

  • I went to the store to buy some fresh strawberries. Nope — none in the store. Frozen would do. What a ‘first world’ problem to have to work through.
  • I went for a scheduled appointment the other day. Normally, there are maybe 4 or 5 people in front of me. Instead, there were 20. My whole timeline was going to be shot. No biggie. I rescheduled and found some other great stuff to do in the newly revealed time.
  • I had a 4 1/2 hour meeting a little while ago. Yes, it was long and, yes, I saw it coming in my calendar — ughh! And, yes, it was on a Monday. I could have easily used a 15 min break in the middle but I didn’t get one. However, in the end we had moved the ‘train-along-the-tracks’ on this particular topic to a better place. Progress.

I try to wake up each day with the belief that today can be better in some way than yesterday — my mind spins with ideas about what needs to be done, with whom, and how I can make today successful.

I’m not perfect. I get down. I can become grumpy. I forget to phone my mom. Just ask those closest to me. But, I also try to recognize those moments and look for a positive way forward, refocus or perhaps even remove myself for awhile to let me figure stuff out.

I have also stopped disliking Mondays. That happened a long time ago. Mondays are GREAT. A new beginning every 7 days!

And if you didn’t know, here are some other neat things about Mondays:

Statistically Speaking … the Sunniest Day of the Week
  • Research shows that many of us do our best work on Mondays, and in particular Monday mornings.
  • There is actually less air pollution on Mondays because Saturdays and Sundays tend to have less industrial activities.
  • Mondays are typically sunnier and have less rain than the other days of the week because of this reduced pollution.
  • There’s no such thing as the ‘Monday Blues’. In fact, some research suggests that Thursdays might be the moodiest days of the week.
  • Monday Night Football — enough said.
Grumpy Thursdays

So, get out there and enjoy all 7/7ths of your week. Each day brings unique gifts and surprises.

But, I do suggest keeping a slightly lower profile on Thursdays. That day looks like trouble to me.

You’re welcome.

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