You’ve Got to Know When to Hold ‘Em – Know When to Fold ‘Em

I’m not a big Kenny Rogers fan but his megahit single The Gambler from 1978 was an instant classic – fun lyrics and a catchy tune. It tells a story about the options you have with the cards you are dealt – when you need to keep playing or when you need to fold ’em and try again.

Here are a few of the lines:

Every gambler knows, that the secret to survivin’,

Is knowin’ what to throw away, and knowin’ what to keep.

‘Cause every hand’s a winner, and every hand’s a loser.

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em; know when to fold ’em.

Kenny Rogers The Gambler, 1978

You were singing the lyrics, weren’t you? Yes, you were. If you know the song you were singing it. It’s a catchy tune!

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