Perspective is Everything!

We all have an internal voice — that messenger who continually talks to us and us alone.  Mine tends to come around when I need to process stuff — when I’m trying to think about an appropriate pathway forward.  However, it does occasionally speak up like this:

“If people would just see things my way, I’m pretty sure things would move along much more quickly.  I’m a rational person, a calm person … someone who has a bunch of common sense. 

Come on people … focus!”

Then I remind myself … again … that my reality isn’t the only one that exists.  Nor is it necessarily accurate.

An ‘objective reality’ that we think exists actually doesn’t exist at all.

As I get older (no insults please) and grow in my personal and professional experiences I have come to appreciate the power of perspective on just about everything.  Our reality exists because of the various ‘lenses’ we use to view the world.  Perspective will always trump any sense of objectivity — every time.

One person’s gentle wave may be another person’s tsunami:

perspective2One’s unique set of experiences defines each person’s reality!

Forget about what you think is ‘objective reality’, because that just doesn’t exist — especially when it comes to human interactions.

The power in being able to resolve a problem or conflict lies in our ability to truly seek understanding of each others perspectives.  

It’s not an easy thing to do.  We don’t know the other person’s history — all of those things that shape what lenses they use to view the world.  It takes time to understand others — their struggles, their successes, their disappointments, their fears and worries.

dog listening

Listening is the KEY to better UNDERSTANDING

However, if you take each day as a new adventure on trying to understand others — their stories, their history and their biases —  it can actually lead to a place where those frustrating conversations don’t seem so frustrating any more.  When we take the time to listen to each other, perhaps even acknowledge the other person’s perspective, something amazing can happen.  The struggles in reaching a positive resolution — of building that sense of trust — suddenly lessen in their intensity.

When we truly listen — when we truly seek to understand each other — we become richer for it.  We become a better person.

Seek to understand perspective.  Because once you understand PERSPECTIVE you better understand motive and your compassion increases.

And, I sure hope that little dachshund made it safely to shore.

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