Resilience – A Necessary Part of Personal Success

Here’s a great video from a former teacher turned researcher on the concept of GRIT and it’s direct correlation to student success. Have a peek and we’ll touch base again afterwards:

“Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth – How GRIT is a Strong Determinant of Personal Success

Grittier kids were significantly more likely to graduate even when I matched them on every characteristic I could measure — things like family income, standardized achievement test scores, even how safe kids felt when they were at school. Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth

One of the best ways to build grit or resilience in our students is to help them develop the belief that their ability to learn is not fixed, but is able to be expanded — instilling the understanding in them that failure is not the endpoint, but the beginning of new opportunities for growth — that the classroom is a safe place to make mistakes and struggle. As educators, we allow kids a ‘do-over’ when needed.

Some of my earlier blog posts about creating a safe place for failure (for both students and staff) were really about this concept of grit or resilience. Ensuring a school culture that we get a ‘do-over’ — a pathway where one can take a risk and fail — is critical to building grit or resilience. Students need to recognize that their learning is not ‘fixed in time’ but is capable of growing.

Some people refer to this as a ‘growth mindset’.

To find this inner self-awareness is one of the most liberating discoveries we can provide to our children — both at school and at home. And while grit or resilience isn’t the magic bullet that makes all students succeed, it IS something that is a necessary condition for it to happen.

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