The Adaptable Mind – Finding Success in a World Full of Change

There has been a TON of chatter in education over the years about the necessity of having “21st Century Skills” — those skills that provide the backbone for student success. I have been in hundreds of professional conversations about this topic — keynote speakers, table conversations, Zoom chats, research articles, blogs and books.

What are the core beliefs that are critical for personal success regardless of WHO you are and WHERE you are in your life? And, while we’re at it, let’s see if we can clear up the reason why they seem to be more important in this century rather than the last one? Why are they 21st Century Skills and not just skills?

Enter The Adaptable Mind

The Adaptable Mind is an 11 minute long video — not a huge amount of time, but still longer than any previous video I’ve asked you to watch. What this particular video does for me is help put the priorities in place for why things like curiosity, creativity, initiative, multi-disciplinary thinking and empathy are so important in today’s world — in today’s COVID world.

Watch it … all of it … it’s worth the 11 minutes. It’s put together in a way that celebrates the human spirit and the abilities that we need to make a difference in our world — especially in today’s pandemic world — the skills and the mindset we need to be better.

Now go get a cup of tea or coffee … and maybe a cookie or two and enjoy THE ADAPTABLE MIND.

So, when you’re wondering about what’s important these days — what we need to be successful, happy and engaged, here’s your short list:

  • Let your mind wander — be curious and daydream
  • Put your ideas into action — do something to make a difference
  • Be empathetic towards others — connect with others deeply and purposefully

In the end, it’s about … Being Human. Be the person who’s curious about what can come next, take time to wonder and most of all take time to connect with others.

We need more of all of those in our world these days — lots more!

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