Compassion – Let’s Have More of That in 2023

Social Media Can Be a Hurtful Place

And while I use social media to share information on noteworthy topics, I never use it to criticize — ever. Unfortunately, social media seems to be the default location for some people to express their hateful opinions — often uninformed and laced with hyperbole and speculation. Social media is a terrible forum for building deeper understanding. It’s not intended to do that. It is purposefully short in content which makes it impossible to gain comprehensive understanding. What sometimes results is a forum where unsubstantiated and hurtful messages are sent that demean others.

I won’t be a part of it. Never have been and never will.

I refuse to be a part of a forum that uses hateful language to denigrate others — to make them appear as ‘less human’ — it is always easier to criticize — call someone names or make wild accusations about them than to find a way to build understanding. Leaping to condemnation is always easier because it takes no work. Lacing a social media post with a hyperbolic tirade gets attention. It doesn’t build understanding or compassion.

Compassion. A great focus for 2023. Let’s have more of that!

Remaining compassionate as we seek to understand more about something is what we need in our world. Less ‘hyperbole’. Less ‘unsubstantiated accusations’. Less ‘jumping to conclusions’.

Compassion – More of That

As I ponder into the foggy crystal ball that is 2023, I have a few ideas on how we need to be:

  • In a world that can be ruthless and unkind, be the person who isn’t those things.
  • Criticize less and, instead, take a path of deepening your understanding.
  • Focus more on being part of a solution rather than complaining about the problem.
  • Be kind to yourself — don’t waste time on criticisms from others if you do not value their voice.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Show compassion because you don’t know everyone’s whole story.

Our world is filled with voices that seek to diminish others. Rise above it. Be the person who holds their head up at the end of the day — proud of the respectful and kind path you have taken.

Show compassion — because you can.

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