I Don’t Know Very Much

I know less every day.

I say this with sincerity, because everything I learn exposes other things that I don’t know — new questions, new unknowns, new explorations. As Superintendent, this provides that ‘fire-in-my-belly’ for me to push ahead.

The opportunities to learn are limitless. There is no finish line.

Does increased knowledge translate into having wisdom? Are people who know lots of stuff necessarily wise?

Wisdom requires more than knowing a collection of stuff.

WISDOM results when one’s knowledge is blended with HUMILITY, REFLECTION and GROWTH.

  • Humility provides the mindset to truly understand your learning journey;
  • Reflection results when you process context and previous learning into your new learning; and
  • Growth happens when the knowledge you learn broadens your understanding.

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3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Very Much

  1. Oh, the days when I knew everything, but knew little. The freedom of aging is realizing that I know NOTHING. It is a humbling, human freedom and furthers my path to self actualization. To give the gift of time to community is life fulfillment for me.. I feel lucky, although challenged at times and vulnerable. Learning is life long and precious ❤️


    • What wonderful reflections, Joyce. Thank you for sharing them with me. To realize that we are but one single part in life’s complexity is actually very liberating. It allows us the freedom you mention to be challenged and indeed vulnerable. 🙂


  2. Oh the days when I thought I knew it all. Now, I know , I know nothing.., it’s freeing but also humbling and challenging at times. Aging is a beautiful place when everyday you realize how little one really knows. The journey of living and constantly learning is life giving. To constantly want to know and learn gives me oxygen. Constantly learning is a privilege.


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