Leadership During a Storm

As I sit here writing this post it’s been 6 weeks (42 days) since the announcement came from the provincial government that all in-class instruction in our schools was being suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If I’m being completely honest … it feels like its been closer to 6 months. The information onslaught, video-conference calls and numerous educational changes have been relentless. Changes that include:

  • from how we were doing school to an UNFAMILIAR way of teaching, learning and assessing;
  • feeling UNSETTLED about not knowing what comes next;
  • increased levels of ANXIETY among many in our community.

2 thoughts on “Leadership During a Storm

  1. I found this blog entry encouraging and inspiring. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right now, but you have reminded us of all the reasons why that won’t help anyone and provided clear strategies for finding our balance. I love the metaphor of being the eye of the storm.


    • Hi Monika. Thank you for the kind comments. I also need to remind myself some days when the load seems overwhelming. Taking those breathing moments and reflection time are critical to our success. Stay well.


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