My Graduation Speech During a Pandemic

I have previously written about the importance of struggling if we want to strengthen our brains (The Struggle is Real) — that moment in your thinking when it feels like your wheels are spinning and you’re not sure of the correct way out of the mud-pit.

It is a critical moment in brain development where we actually see incredible neural growth and connectivity as the brain works to solve the problem. It’s actually an important time to celebrate.

Well … there was a lot of celebrating that happened while I was preparing this year’s graduation speech. My struggle was real! And it lasted for quite a while, too, I might add.

As I do most years, I begin to think about my speech when the calendar turns over in January. I formulate some ideas and write them down in my notebook. It comes together slowly usually about a week or two before the big event on stage.

This year was completely different. I was having a horrible time deciding on a theme as it had already been an up-and-down year in Saanich … and then came …

… the pandemic.

What does a Superintendent’s speech look like during that tumultuous time?

4 thoughts on “My Graduation Speech During a Pandemic

  1. Dave, you’ve always been a thinker guided by a strong moral compass. Happy to hear that you are including the pandemic in your address. I look forward to listening to your speech.


    • Thank you, Carol. What a lovely comment to read. I greatly appreciate hearing from you. As indicated in my blog post, my speech is short so don’t run out to pour yourself a cup of tea.


  2. Thank you for your positive energy and your honesty. As a parent of a graduating student this year, it is great to acknowledge all the good instead of focusing on what’s missing. This is their first graduation and it will be special for them and unique to them. Thank you for all the work you do 👍


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