Who Do We Want to Be During COVID?

I love it when I find something completely unrelated to public education and I can find a fit for it. That happened to me recently when I read a blog from the BC Epilepsy Society entitled “Empowering Yourself During COVID-19 (April 17, 2020)”. The blog is about the emotional state of FEAR and how it can paralyze us — keeping us from moving forward in a time of uncertainty.

Fear Can Blind Us to Solutions

Fear … it prevents us from thinking rationally and instead puts us into an emotional firestorm — a mindset that debilitates us from finding a reasonable solution to the new situation. Now, don’t misunderstand me. Fear is natural and useful — it has a place in keeping us safe. But, that time is in the initial instant we are confronted with a danger — that grizzly bear staring at us on the hiking trail. Fear of that bear elevates our senses and our reactivity — the fight or flight response. What it doesn’t do is allow us to be contemplative, rational and thoughtful.

3 thoughts on “Who Do We Want to Be During COVID?

  1. Love this. I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you from all the parents who have been hoping for the online option that you have provided. After receiving your letter and survey Thursday, I spent the weekend feeling very fortunate and “cared for”. I really feel that my kids are growing up in a wonderful community that has their best interests at heart. So, thank you. I can’t imagine how much extra work and outside-the-box creativity it has meant for the district, but I want you to know that my extended family appreciates it VERY much. It means that my children can hug their grandparents this year. It means that my widowed mom can still look forward to visits from her “little ones”. It means that my kids will have less-stressed parents and more extracurricular adventures. I know we aren’t the only family to feel this way. Thank you thank you thank you.


  2. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and wanted to let you know that they are appreciated (even though I may not always comment on them).

    What you have shared with us in this post is so well presented. I wish everyone could read it, not just the lucky people in our school district. Thank you very much.


    • Thank you, Anne Marie. Your words are very kind and appreciated. There are a number of folks who read it outside of our district as I post it on a couple of social media sites including my personal Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Knowing that some people read it to better understand my thinking and priorities is what is important for me.


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